Company Profile

We are an integrated payment solutions company, driven by innovative technology and systems to provide a wide range of value-added services to customers. With leading edge technology, brilliant customer support, well-equipped service team and world class VAS solutions, we are perfectly suited for the market requirements and needs.
We studiously build solutions that allow you to make payment for diverse VTU services seamlessly.

Our Vision:By 2020, 1 in 2 epayment transactions are made on our platforms.

Our Mission:Empower small business owners to be more efficient and profitable by deploying our transaction solutions at their businesses.

Core Values:Innovations: We bring new ideas that will advance the organization’s competitive position.
Customer Satisfaction: Respect for our clients and stakeholders by delivering reliable services.
Security: We think data and process. We think security.
Integrity: Integrity in all our interactions; what we say and do are in alignment.
Excellence: To be outstandingly good at what we do.

RC Number: 2602299

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